The programmes are designed around each individual, and are based on your Body Composition Test Results, Health Assessment and Fitness Levels, with this information I am able to put together a personalised programme that includes: A healthy eating plan designed around any intolerances you may have (if you include the Food Intolerance Test), an exercise plan and advice to help you towards achieving your goal.

  • Stage 1: The Detox - This is designed to aid the body in flushing out your system, breaking down stored body fats, ridding the body of bad toxins and improving your digestive system, this will helping you feel more energised, less bloated and help you get into a more healthy eating lifestyle.

  • Stage 2: Weight Loss Management and Toning - A fitness and weight loss plan will be introduced based on the information acquired during the initial assessment. Visits will be 3-4 times a week for your fitness workouts , health re-assessments will be conducted on a regular basis, and your weight loss targets may change due to your new BMR, AER and body composition results.

  • Stage 3: Maintenance - This is where you take control, your fitness programme will increase in line with your health assessments results and at this point in your programme your diet/eating habits will have changed, energy levels increased and you will notice that your body has become more toned.

  • Stage 4: Your in Control - Need I say More!!!!!

Book a Consultation, if you want more information about the programme, have questions or you just want to see if it is for you, then start here.

1 hour 30 minutes costs: £99.00 (This will be deducted off your course if you sign up for the programme)

Includes: Health assessment, body composition and your target weight loss goals and how I can help you achieve them.

Tori Offers two programmes:

Just Nutrition Personalised Programme: £549.00 (1'098.00 if bought individually)

Nutrition & Fitness* Personalised Programme: £894.00 (£1'789.00.00 if bought individually)

Programmes Includes:

Body Composition Test, Health Check Test, nutritional advice, weekly 1-2-1 meetings, and on going support.

*Fitness sessions consist of JTX vibration & Cardio training sessions 3-5 x per week,

P/T sessions 3-4 per week after the initial fitness assessment and goal targets set.

You will also receive nutritional advice, a food diary, and meal plan ideas.

For a more personalised approach just add a DNAFit or Food Intolerance Test to your plan (25% OFF normal price)

For more information or to book a consultation, please fill out the contact form available.

I look forward to hearing from you soon. Tori

Course Information:

Everyone is different.

This is why I take your individual requirements into consideration to create a training and healthy eating programme that corresponds with your expectations.

I am here to give you helpful advice and aid you in achieving exactly what you want to achieve.

The programmes are unique as they aim to set you up for life with on-going help and advice to keep you on track.